Thursday, October 23, 2008

Culture Shock

It's been a long time since I've shopped in a conventional grocery store. And like visiting a foreign country, I had a bit of culture shock.

You know I'm a food snob and my colors really shined today as my dad and I wandered through the aisles at Tom Thumb (a chain owned by Safeway). All those packages of sugar, artificial flavors, and fat in various forms just grossed me out. These big chains talk a lot about all the great natural foods they carry, but there were pretty slim pickin's and everything was super expensive! If our little co-op can afford to pass on good deals to customers, you'd think Safeway could charge less than $4.99 per pound for organic apples!

I was lucky enough to find a few good items, though. I found organic avocados, organic peanut butter, whole wheat/sunflower seed bread, kidney bean curry, and some organic potato soup. I usually don't go for those Morningstar products, as they don't use organic soy. But, what the hey, I'm letting loose a little while I'm on vacation and I picked up some fake chicken strips.

I couldn't get any canned goods, because my dad's super fancy new house doesn't have a can opener. He has granite countertops and timer-controlled pool cleaning system, but no can opener. My new stepmom will be moving in after their wedding (this weekend) and honeymoon and she has a can my dad's frugality doesn't allow him to purchase one now.

Today I'm visiting the Spiral Diner- I can't wait!


allularpunk said...

no can opener? what? and yeah, grocery stores are expensive.

Anonymous said...

*lets you borrow can opener*

mnultraguy said...

Just read that some Morningstar products use GM soy, just so you know.

As for the cost of food in a chain, they have to pay the shipping, marketing, and storage for all the food versus buying locally

have a good trip

pavotrouge said...

mainstream supermarkets also freak me out... aside from the foods themselves, there are creepy people and annoying music and light there...

Megan said...

*plugging ears*
*Mary had a little lamb mary had a little lamb*

I love those MF strips.