Sunday, January 25, 2009

Follow Up

After the post about my Sunday routine, someone asked me to lay out the times for everything.  So today I kept track of my timing for everything.  Here it is:

1:00-1:20 Mixing and kneading bread dough
1:20 Bread starts first rise
1:20 Prep applesauce
1:30 Put apples in to roast at 400F
1:30 Prep granola
1:38 Put brown rice on to cook
[Down time: blog, laundry, soymilk or beans in the pressure cooker, etc]
2:13 Turn off brown rice
2:30 Take out apples, mash.  Turn down oven to 325F
3:00 Bake granola
3:30 Take out granola.  Turn up oven to 350F
3:40 Bread finishes first rise, starts 2nd.  (This took way longer than usual today.  I used different yeast and wasn't really happy with it.  Usually I'd put the bread in the oven by now)

I didn't need to make any soymilk today, so I left that out, but I usually do that during the down time or at the end.  On a good bread rising day, I'd say that I'd be done in 3 hours.  Today I'm just now putting the bread in the oven at 5pm- 4 hours total.  

Hope this helps!  I'd love to see others' cooking/baking routines!


Claire said...

Thank you so much! That was really kind- i'm looking to go to grad school next year, so if i can do a bunch of cooking/baking in one afternoon, i think i can still be a homecookin' vegan instead of a junk food/fast food vegan that i dread (and can't afford being, honestly). I could even enroll the hubs in bread making. he's better at timed things than i am- i like to poke and check stuff and that is probably why my bread stinks. among other things. i could probably add some roasted veggies at the end or some cookies right after granola and get a lot done for the week. So cool! Not this weekend (superbowl party) but the next.

Anonymous said...

woah, I love how you cook EVERYTHING! That is soo healthy and it's good to know some people out there still cook so much! I admire your dedication!

allularpunk said...

you are an amazing multitasker :)