Sunday, January 18, 2009

Getting it all done

My friend commented this weekend about reading this blog and marveling at all the cooking projects and wondering how I have the time for stepkids, work, etc.

I understand how it might seem impossible to cook food from scratch and still  function in society and not be frazzled to the max.  But other folks do far more than me, sewing their own clothes and grinding their own wheat.  All I know is how I've organized my own life to include these tasks that are important to me.  

Like with any commitment, though, cooking with few convenience foods requires some give and take.  To make time for cooking more, I've arranged my weekend into the "slack-off" day and the "get things done" day.  Saturdays I go to yoga, chill out, watch CSI reruns, and generally try not to feel guilty for doing nothing.  Sometimes I even hang out with friends!

Every Sunday I have basically the same routine.  I start the day off with some cleaning because sharing a house with 3 boys (2 of which have poor aim) means the bathroom ALWAYS needs to be cleaned.  Then I clean the kitchen enough to be able to cook in it all day.  

Every week I make the same things:
Whole wheat bread
Whole wheat rolls
Roasted applesauce
A pot of beans

Sometimes I'll make a big pot of brown rice or make almond milk instead of soymilk.  But this is my routine.  The good part about having this routine is that it doesn't take too long to get this all done.  The apples roast while the bread is rising (to keep the kitchen warm enough).  I use the hot oven to melt the peanut butter and Earth Balance for the granola.  It all fits together like a puzzle.
I think it is because of this routine that I've been able to keep my grocery budget under control.  And it's actually pretty relaxing to listen to music and cook on Sunday afternoons when I know that it makes the rest of the week SO much easier to handle.  

And what else are you going to do when it looks like this outside?


Liz² said...

that sounds so cozy, and I totally feel you on the "cooking like a puzzle" thing. Or like the routine was an old friend, or something. That's me an my oatmeal/pre-soaked beans/yerba mate thing every few days.

Vegetation said...

Awww I love your kitties at the window! And as a Mum of 3 who doesn't make the basics like bread, I'm totally in awe of the fact that you do!

Claire said...

would you be willing to lay out the times for everything? Or just the recipe times and what you do first second, etc.? i know that might be kind of a pain, but i'd be interested in how you fit it alltogether. i've never made bread, but i think in part because i've never had instructions like i think i could get from your info. i'm making more of my own beans, rice (pressure cooker yes!), grains, etc. so i'm interested in doing one big cooking day.

also, do you use a soymilk maker? what kind and how much do you get?

Catherine said...

I don't have kidlets to cook for, but I do spend a bunch of time cooking over the weekends, and eat up leftovers during the week! Hooray for busy weekends full of food!

Mary Frances said...

I've been intending to come up with a routine like that to help us get through tax season/baby arriving. So far on my list is to bake a loaf of GF bread and cook a pot of beans. I may also cook a pot of soup too.