Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What I Ate

Let's last post was Saturday.  A lot has happened since then.

1.  My KitchenAid mixer broke.  I've already had to replace the motor a couple of years ago because I accidentally didn't tighten the screw that holds in the attachment cover and it got stuck in the beater and broke the motor.  This time it's a mystery- It just won't turn on!  No frosting until I can make it out to the repair shop that's only open while I'm at work.  Is this worth taking vacation time for?

2.  I delivered my first dishes to Mr. C and he really, honestly doesn't want me to cook for him.  Not because the food is bad, but because he'd rather eat his ramen.  I'd like to object, but if I were 90 years old and someone was trying to make me change my diet, I'd be pissed too.  We'll see if his friend talks him into changing his mind.

3.  I successfully went nearly 2 weeks without baking cookies.  That has to be a world record...okay, maybe just a Liz record.  I broke down last night and make some oatmeal-chocolate chip cookies, but forgot that 100% oat flour and rolled oat cookies don't hold together all on their own.  Duh.  So we had to peel the one huge too crispy/undercooked cookie off the silpat mat and eat them right away.

4.  I taught a class tonight about transitioning to a vegetarian diet and/or eating less meat.  It was good because it forced me to brush up on my nutrition...and evaluate my own diet.  I think I'll copycat fellow food snob Catherine tonight and do a "flog" (food log) to make sure I'm on track.

Today I ate:
2 corn pancakes with a Yves sausage patty and slice of vegan rice cheese in the middle and maple syrup on top
(yes, like a breakfast sandwich on pancakes.  I promised these to the kids)

[1 hour yoga class]

2 16-oz glasses of water

1 16-oz smoothie with soymilk, banana, and peanut butter 
(the juice bar special this month!)

2 cups of black eyed peas, brown rice, kale, red peppers leftovers

1/2 organic candy cane

a few orange slices and almonds
16 oz water

About 3 cups of stir fried cabbage, celery, and carrot with ginger and garlic and Bragg's
About a cookie's worth of leftover disaster oatmeal chocolate chip cookie

*My eating isn't over for the day.  I came home and realized that we only have a few veggies and condiments in the fridge, so I threw together the stirfry so that I could think enough to figure out what else to cook.  Just veggies won't hold me over for too long!

It's interesting to see how I eat written down.  I really do graze all day!


Catherine said...

I tend to graze, too -- but not today! I was a total pig at lunch. :) YUUUUUUMMMMM quesadillas!

allularpunk said...

your eating is really good and healthy! i'm sorry your kitchenaid is broken...that's a huge bummer. i would tooootally take a day off to get it fixed haha! also, i wouldn't worry too much about mr. c. i'm sure it's not because he doesn't like your food. i have a 90 year old grandmother that i'm sure would hate it if we were just like, oh hey - now you eat only vegan food. haha...though i did make her tofu once with a butternut squash pilaf and she LOVED it. so you never know, i guess. maybe he just needs to warm up to the idea?

Anonymous said...

Aww I"m so sorry it broke! That is SUCH a bummer...:(
I graze all day long, so you aren't the only person. I just can't stick to eating 3 straight meals. They say eating about 6 times a day is healthy for you, so It's healthy I guess