Friday, January 30, 2009


Liz and I had the task of sampling Zukay’s hot salsa today.  The deal here is that this stuff is highly fermented and raw.  I always wish that the products I am eating are organic, but when it comes to salsa I can meander.  The first disclaimer is that I was eating it with my favorite chip ever- Whole Grain Milling.  These organic corn chips are so good and produced in my Dad’s birthplace of Welcome, Minnesota.  Nearly anything tastes good on these.

The first thing to notice upon opening is that the salsa bubbles out of the jar, which I found awesome but disturbed Liz a little. I knew I was in for an adventure.  They call this a hot salsa but I would call it a medium.  I would, however, call it explosive as the fermentation feels like it is exploding in your mouth.  This was my favorite part of the experience.  It is the kind of food that makes you feel like you’re either going to die tomorrow or it will make you live forever (with more of the latter).  The heavy fermented sour flavor turned Liz off but I found it very enjoyable.  It helped to give the salsa a full body flavor.  I would have liked it to have more heat, though, as it was labeled a hot salsa.  Now that I have eaten most of the jar, I should have enough positive bacteria floating inside me to start a colony.  Adventurous food to say the least.  A solid 3 out of 4 stars.

Next up: Relish!


Catherine said...

I've seen several folks review those salsas and relishes, and I have to say, fizzy salsa doesn't seem to appeal to me. Glad you liked it (Mike?), though!

Amey said...

I read about this on someone else's blog too... It definitely sounds weird, but personally, I'll give anything a try at least once! :)

Al said...

Oh man, I want to try it right now. And I agree with you on Whole Grain Milling. Best chip ever.