Monday, November 26, 2007

Today's Menu

Nothing too exciting today, so I'll share what I ate:

Thanksgiving sandwich (Sesame Oatmeal bread, "turkey" roulade, cranberry sauce, and Veganaise
A really ugly gluten free chocolate chip cookie. More on that another day.

Mesquite Lime Primal Strip
Lemon drop candy (to ease the primal strip breath)

ED&BV Caesar Salad
Carrots from the garden
(I got distracted and forgot to heat up the soup I brought.)
Basmati Rice
Cabbage, kale, carrots, scallion, celery, and baked tofu
Almond butter, coconut milk, tamari, ginger and rice vinegar sauce
Apple cider mixed with water (yum! I love watered down juice)

Bedtime Snack/Second dinner:
Satsuma mandarin
Honeycrisp apple
Slices of Sheese

Then later a for real bed time snack:
1 piece of Sesame Oatmeal toast with Garlic Red Pepper Miso
1 piece of Sesame Oatmeal toast with almond butter
Glass of almond and rice milk

Perhaps I should start writing down what I eat to make sure I'm getting all the vitamins I need. It's cool how just writing down what you eat will make you eat healthier. Some days I feel like all I eat is grains, protein and veggies. I'm trying to eat at least 2 pieces of fruit after dinner, though. That keeps me from eating lots of cookies and all that leftover pie in the fridge. And I've been doing much better with remembering to use flax oil and take my evening primrose oil. It's amazing how much better I feel when I'm consistently using these oils.

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