Thursday, November 22, 2007

The beginning of my late Thanksgiving

This year I got to have an early Thanksgiving with my family in Virginia and now I'm preparing for my late Thanksgiving with my family in Minnesota. Tomorrow I'm having the parents in law (except not really in law, because there's nothing legal binding me and my sweetie. Just love...awwww!), the kids, and a friend over for the big meal. And I get an extra day to cook since it's late!

It was a little weird today being alone on a day that nearly everyone spends with family. But I snuggled with the animals and read a book, then went to yoga (a full class, despite the holiday), and started cooking. Now my sweetie is home, but exhausted, so I'm kinda alone again.

Here's the carb-tastic menu I'm planning:

Bryanna's Tofu/Seitan "Turkey" Roulade
Pecan & Sage Stuffing (made with spelt bread because it was 1/2 off!)
VCon's Southwestern Corn Pudding
Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes
VCon's Homestyle Potato Rolls
Kale Gratin
Green Beans
Cranberry-JalapeƱo Chutney
And some kind of gravy, depending on what flavors seem good tomorrow.

Perhaps it's too much food for 7 people? I'm sure it is, but I love Thanksgiving leftovers SO MUCH!

Here's the Roulade about to go into the oven: And here's the stuffing smashed into muffin tins, a la Rachel Ray.

I'll follow up tomorrow with the full meal's pictures, after baking.


Anonymous said...

Your meal sounds delicious! I hope you enjoy your day with your family. The Kale Gratin sounds amazing...can't wait to see photos!


VeggieGirl said...

mmm, the seitan and the stuffin' muffins (oh, Rachael Ray, haha) look terrific - can't wait to see the rest of your Thanksgiving feast!