Sunday, November 25, 2007

Raw and Cooked

For dinner tonight I had a wonderful raw caesar salad (using Eat Drink and Be Vegan's Living Caesar dressing) and a slow simmered (very not raw) Rutabega and Butterbean Bisque. First I ate the salad, then I ate the soup, then I ate some more salad. I love the texture of the dressing and the zing of the lemon juice. If only I had some good bread for croutons! This time I added a turnip to the soup and it was really nice. The turnip was so strong that it tastes like I added horseradish to the soup (But I LOVE horseradish, so I thought it was great).

I haven't tried the VCon Caesar dressing yet, but I am so excited to have 2 types of Caesar dressing to try!

Yesterday Mike decided to try a wheat free diet for a while, to see if he feels better on it. I think he should try a gluten-free diet, but wheat free is a good start. I love a challenge! I'm kinda bummed that I won't be making seitan roasts, but excited to try baking without wheat again. So if anyone has any favorite cookie, cake, etc. recipes that are wheat and spelt-free, please let me know! I'm on the lookout...

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Anonymous said...

Oh Yum--I LOVE butter beans/lima beans! Thanks for another great way to use them!