Thursday, February 11, 2010


Last month I went to a class all about bath soaks,scrubs and cremes and it only fed my obsession with making things myself that are easily purchased.  Now I can't stop making body care products.  I scrub my hands with olive oil-sea salt-citrus scrub and soak in lavender-clove Epsom salts.  I've mixed up homemade mouthwash, lip balm and deodorant.  And now I've made my own potion.

By potion, I mean lotion.  That's just what my family calls it.  This isn't just any potion, though.  It's Rosemary-Mint Body Butter.  It's filled with fair trade shea butter, cocoa butter, organic coconut oil and evening primrose oil.  And it's all whipped up in a blender until it looks like the most amazing butter cream frosting you've ever seen.  I almost want to eat it (Hannah Dog DID eat some).

The sad thing is that I can't share the recipe because I didn't write it and it belongs to the teacher of the class...But if I tweak it next time and make the recipe my own, then I'll share!  If you want to take the class, though, she's teaching at Linden Hills Co-op tomorrow and next week-  Here's the schedule.

For now, I'm set with enough potion to last me a while, even in this horribly dry, cold weather.


melissa said...

oh man I need something like that right now...I'm not use to it being so dry. :(

Anonymous said...

That looks super pretty! I've always wanted to make my own stuff, but have enough of a problem buying things that I need to get through already. I do really like the looks of that potion though :)

Vegyogini said...

Too bad...I would LOVE that recipe! I have super dry skin and I think it'd be very happy with your potion. :) Lucky you that you got to take such a cool class!

eileen said...

just like everyone else, I would be all over that. too bad we don't live in minnesota! but even though you can't share the specific recipe, maybe you know of a different online source for lotion recipes...?

Marla said...

Tweak! Tweak! I want that recipe! (Also, this is BY FAR the best title of a blog I think I've ever seen.)