Monday, February 1, 2010

Homemade Cat Toys!

Warning: this post has nearly nothing to do with food.  But it is about kitties and unmated socks.

My cats suffer for lack of good toys.  I hesitate to buy cute little mousie toys with bells and such because they just lose them under the couch.  But then the cats get lazy and don't play like good kitties should.  Here's my solution:

Homemade Sock Mice
Sort of like a sock monkey, but full of cat drugs

You'll need:
1 old unmated sock, without holes
2 Tbsp. of dried catnip
1 handful of crinkly plastic or wax paper
1-2 twisty ties
A Sharpie

Trim your sock down to a size appropriate for your cat's mouse.  Stuff the sock full of crinkly plastic, paper, or bells.  Sprinkle the catnip all over inside the sock.  Twist the end and secure with a twisty tie (leave the ends sticking out for the cat to enjoy).  Make a little mousie face on the sock with your Sharpie.  Then let your cat sniff it briefly and throw it across the room.  Fun things happen.

Here's an action shot:

You can always add more catnip when needed!


Blake said...

This is hysterical and very creative! I miss kitties.

Jennifer (of Veg*n Cooking) said...

That is a wonderful idea. We have three cats and while they have plenty of toys from the store, they seem to prefer boxes, paper balls, etc., to the store bought ones.

AND, this would relieve me of have to wonder incessantly where all the mates of the loner socks go...