Sunday, February 7, 2010

Burgers and Broccoli

When I get a craving, I just go with it.  This week I was craving a big burger like nothing else.  Actually...I should say that I was craving pickles, ketchup and raw onion.  In my opinion, it's usually the condiments that make or break a burger.  

So I picked up some Rudi's Organic burger buns and some Amy's "All American" burgers after work in preparation for my burger.  Anyone else love using a toaster oven to make a cheeseburger?  I was cooking for one, so I just popped a patty with cheeze into the little broiler and it was perfect!  I had some home-canned pickles on the side and ketchup from the recipe in How it All Vegan (yum!).  Veganaise brought it all together into the most satisfying burger!

After repeating the exact same burger for lunch the next day, I realized that in 24 hours the only vegetables I'd had were the little lettuce leaves, raw onion and pickles on the burgers.  And ketchup, if you count that sort of thing.  Uh oh.  Time for some veggies!!!

So for dinner the next night, I decided to go broccoli crazy and have a stir-fry without the rice.

I cooked up TWO heads of broccoli, a portabello mushroom, a handful of cremini mushrooms (really just baby portabellos, anyways) and green onions.  The sauce included Golden Nugget Tangerine/Mandarin juice and zest, tamari, a crushed Thai chile, tons of ginger and garlic and cornstarch to thicken it all up.  I ate nearly the entire thing!  I felt much better about my vegetable consumption after this meal!


eileen said...

And I thought I'd gotten over my recent burger craving...yeah, your buger looks way too good, so not so much! I totally do the toaster oven burger, along with the toaster oven sandwich and the toaster oven quesadilla. It is a toaster oven trifecta.

Sophia.Pflieger said...

I always feel guilty when I don't eat enough veggies with my meals too!

That burgers looks yummy!
I could really go for pickle now..