Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Beans, Greens, Rice

Just a quick note about dinner last night because it was so scrumptious...and because it was also my breakfast this morning and my lunch.  

Even though this dinner was really just beans and rice with some greens, it felt kinda fancy.  The risotto had lots of red peppers, fennel seed, peas and white wine (loosely based on the Fennel Breakfast Risotto in the Vegan Brunch cookbook).  I forgot to soak my cannellini beans in advance and there's no way I'd cook my beans without soaking them, so I picked up a couple of cans at the co-op and simmered them with sun-dried tomatoes, homegrown dried sage and lots of garlic and lemon.  They ended up tasting like they had simmered all day- very flavorful!  Kale's on sale this week, so I picked up a couple of big bunches of lacinato and just sauteed them with garlic and tamari.

The kids especially loved the risotto and Mike really liked it all mixed together (of course).  I pan-fried the risotto with some vegan sausage for breakfast and it was pretty awesome.  This is a meal I could eat frequently.

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You can never go wrong with rice and beand!