Saturday, November 8, 2008

The last 4 days

Wow.  Time flies when you're not blogging.  Don't worry Mom- I'm still alive.  I've just been busy at work and having fun with friends instead of blogging the past 4 days.  

I wish I could say that I've been hard at work on an awesome post for today, but instead I've been cleaning the house and I'm heating up some leftover rasam and slathering some whole grain Doctor Kracker crackers (made in Dallas!) with avocado for diner.  

On Wednesday I taught a gluten free baking class that was really fun.  We made pizza, almond cupcakes, and chocolate cherry cookies and the class was nearly full with 21 people registered!  I just love cooking for people with allergies or special diets.  I think those of us with more limited diets are more appreciative when someone makes food we can actually eat.  The folks in the class were so gracious and helpful (even with dishes!) and had great advice for each other.  

Next weekend I'll be baking about 75 cupcakes for a big yoga event...and I haven't chosen my flavors yet!  I'm thinking Chai would be nice because we're having Indian food for dinner.  But chocolate is always good.  In the past I've done chocolate chai cakes for this group, so I might stick with that.  We'll see!

I thoroughly enjoyed visiting with my good friend Sarah this weekend.  As usual when we're together, we hit up some great restaurants.  We ate dinner at the Triple Rock on Friday and had brunch at Pizza Luce this morning.  My "meatball" sub at the T-Rock was okay, but not the best.  The marinated onions on it were amazing, though.  And any place that serves malt vinegar with their fries has a special place in my heart.  As usual, the Portobello Florentine at Luce was amazing.  Sundried tomatoes, hollandaise sauce, marinated portobello mushrooms, and fresh spinach- how could you go wrong?

Tomorrow I'll be out of leftovers and will have to cook something.  Until then...


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Seventy-five cupcakes- talk about yummy:D