Friday, November 21, 2008

Seven days and counting...

Alright, this pantry challenge business is starting to get a bit harder.  Today was the 7th day without grocery shopping.  We're out of onions, rice, all nuts and seeds, quinoa, tapioca starch (vital for gluten free cooking), and most importantly, ice cream. 

We've been using various grains, beans, free vegetables from the co-op, and we still have some tofu and 1 block of tempeh left.  

We've had some great meals!  Tonight we had something I'll call "Italian Quinoa".  That's gotta be fusion cuisine, right?  I marinated tofu slices in a salt, rosemary, and basil rub and pan fried them.  Yum!  
I sauteed garlic with some olive oil before adding the quinoa.  For cooking liquid I used 1/2 tomato juice that had been in the fridge forever and 1/2 water.  I threw in a few chopped sundried tomatoes from the garden and more rosemary.  This stuff was good all on its own, but really rocked when topped with a quick garden tomato sauce.  

Some of that free broccoli rounded out the plate with some green.  I just steamed it a little and then tossed it around in the hot skillet after the tofu was done frying.  I topped it with a little lemon zest from a lemon that URGENTLY needed to be used and kosher salt.

Yesterday Mike and I enjoyed a mushroom laden meal while the boys were at their mom's.  We used the last of our gluten free spaghetti with mushrooms, leftover roasted garlic, and a "cream" sauce made with cornstarch slurry, a little soy yogurt, a little veganaise, and water.  Sounds nasty, I know.  But somehow those ingredients mimic a really rich cream sauce.  Then there was pan fried tempeh on the side.  Wow- I guess I'm just in the mood to fry things, huh?

I have no pictures of it, but we thoroughly enjoyed Karina's gluten free vegan banana bread- with chocolate chips.  Now I'm using the last of the rice flour to make some sparkled ginger cookies.  Totally worth it.


Anonymous said...

Looks yummy! And seven days without shopping- great going!!!!

Catherine said...

I made some ginger cookies last night, too!

Congratulations on your pantry challenge! Keep up the good work . . . and make sure you post the load when you do finally restock!

snugglebunny said...

Looks like you are using up your pantry very well. Wish I had one to tide me over like this.

I just started a blog and would like to add you to my blog roll. It is soy protein free, but since I might get some glutan free people as well, it would be good to also have some glutan free blogs for people to find.

Anonymous said...

psst, you've been given an award!

allularpunk said...

i'd say it's worth it for those cookies as well! and i love how being out of ice cream is the most important thing, haha... anyway, all of your meals look wonderful and you're doing a great job of cooking without shopping! i can't imagine going 7 days without getting groceries. i had to run out for some tofu and asparagus today, in fact.

also, i'm totally in my mood lodge as well :) and i meant everything i said on my blog!