Thursday, November 13, 2008


Zoey over at Zoey's Kitchen tagged me to name 7 weird facts about myself.  I think I've done this one before a while back, but I can't resist anything resembling a survey or list and I'm not feeling so well tonight and this is making me not think about allergies.

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1.  I have terrible environmental allergies to dust (every kind tested for), cat dander, several molds, elm, box elder, and maple trees, 3 kinds of grass, and nearly every weed pollen they test for.  Plus I sneeze like crazy when people wear perfume or spray air freshener.  I'd way rather smell someone's body odor than awful synthetic fragrances.  Thank goodnes I have no food allergies, though!

2.  The only think Mike and I ever "fight" about is when I try to take over his cooking projects.  I swear I don't mean to...I just offer little bits of advice about nearly everything he does so that he'll make it exactly the way I would and he doesn't like that too much.  

3.  I'm going to be an aunt near the end of February and I'm super excited about this.  My brother and his wife got married last year and are expecting their first baby- a little girl.  I will spoil her to no end.

4.  I love watching medical mystery shows ("Mystery Diagnosis", anyone?) and quickly become convinced that I am suffering from the same conditions as people on these shows.  Last week I was pretty sure I had about 6 different diseases.  I've done this since I was a little girl and loved reading our family medical book.  It had a flow chart of symptoms to diagnose yourself and nearly every one ended in a terrible disease.  It's sick (ha!), but I loved it.

5.  I've recently become hooked on tea (herbal, not caffinated), mostly for survival in this cold state.  My favorite one right now is the Yogi Tea Rooibos Chai plain or with a little almond milk and maple syrup.  

6.  I hate taking showers in the winter time.  Or bathing at all, for that matter.  Don't worry, co-workers, I'll keep doing it anyways.  But not more than I have to.

7.  I commit the worst sin of spice racks- I have mine right above the stove.  I know it's terrible for them.  The jars get covered in grime and they're always warm.  But I just can't figure out where to move them to without them being a pain to use when cooking.  And I've had "clean the spice rack" on my to do list for well over 4 months.

There they are- 7 weird facts about me.  You'll be glad I sensored them to leave out some of the weirdest ones.

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VeggieGirl said...

FUN facts!!! And thank you for the tag :-)

Vegan_Noodle said...

How exciting that you're going to be an auntie!!
And how funny about you wanting o take over cooking projects. I would be the same way if my guy ever cooked!
I guess I need to think of some facts about me now.... :-)

Anonymous said...

Shower times in the winter are teh worst! It takes me a half an hour to get the courage to take one in the winter. Simply too cold!!!!

Lily Girl said...

I too have allergies to practically everything but food and am sensitive to synthetic fragrances. Of everything they tested me for I'm only not allergic to pine trees and mold (strangely enough). I am very allergic to "Southern California Tree Mix" among other things. One chance to guess where I live...
Being an aunt is the BEST. I too have a niece and she is so fun, one of my favorite people. Congratulations :)

Dan said...

Congrats on being an aunt! And for not being allergic to everything, which would mean having to live in a bubble...that would put quite the damper on food snobbery being your hobbery. It would be more like 'bubble bobbery is my new hobbery'.

I have a allergies to certain shell fish (scallops & shrimp) but are fine with others (lobster and crab!)



allularpunk said...

i totally hate showering in the winter as well. i mean, i still do it. but yeah. i remember once when i first started grad school i didn't have heat in my apt and i was just going to class, not work, and i went about 5 days without showering. it was just too damn cold. oh and i totally tell michael how to cook things and it drives him batty. i have to leave the kitchen usually, in order to keep my mouth shut haha...

Anonymous said...

I also love medical mystery shows! I wish I had cable so I could watch Mystery Diagnosis. The best I get on broadcast is House.

Lauren said...

Hey there. Maybe a SpiceStack would set your spices up nice? SpiceStack holds 18+ store-bought spices in your kitchen cabinet (in their dark, dry, happy place!). Three drawers pull out and drop down so you can find the spice you need fast while cooking. My father is the inventor and we are selling now for $24.95 at Happy Organizing!

Lauren, President, SpiceStack Inc.

Liz² said...

ooh, I used to hate winter baths too, now I just use them to warm up and I never leave! and I'm pretty bad about taking over kitchen jobs too... I try to keep the "kitchen nazi' side of me to a minimum, though, ha. thanks for the tag!