Friday, November 28, 2008


I ended my pantry challenge today, on the 13th day and in preparation for Thanksgiving.  What better way to celebrate the harvest than by ending a "fast" of sorts and feasting with family and friends?

I ended up spending about $115 at the co-op today and nearly reaching my max grocery budget for the month.  But considering that I usually spend about $100 a week and didn't spend any for 2 weeks, I think I would have gone WAY over my budget without the pantry challenge.  I declare it a success!
Here's what I bought on this restocking adventure:

nutritional yeast
org. basmati rice
org. local WW flour
org. local rolled oats
org. quinoa
org. brown rice flour
sea salt
org. local raw sunflower seeds
org. polenta
raw almonds
raw pecans
org. raisins
org. red lentils
org. brown rice

org. satsuma mandarin oranges
org. lemons
org. local cranberries
org. garlic
org. parsley
org. ginger root
org. local potatoes
org. celery
org. local onions

chocolate chips
org. tofu
org. pumpkin
org. tempeh
carob chips
org. gluten free pasta
org. fair trade brown sugar
org. olive oil
org. peanut butter
chai rooibos and cocoa spice teas
org. teff tortillas
org. lemon juice
org. bouillon cubes
cat litter

The best part?  I saved over $50 in staff discounts and members discounts!  I love seeing that.  
The real fun comes tomorrow (today because I'm up late) when we host our Thanksgiving meal.  I'll be sure to post pictures, don't worry.


Catherine said...

I LOVE a good grocery restock! It's so refreshing to finally have stuff back in the cupboards! What a great load of stuff!

Happy Thanksgiving! Can't wait to see what you've made today.

Anonymous said...

Wow! You bought alot of food for not very much money! And that's so awesome:] I really love the bags- I use them too!

allularpunk said...

i'm so glad your challenge was a success! and i'm totally jealous of your grocery haul. there's no way i could get all that here for $115! and i badly need to go grocery shopping...