Sunday, November 2, 2008


The lemongrass broth I made last night was so freaking good that I decided to make pho with it.  Now I've never had authentic Vietnamese pho, but I'm seen enough pho porn and read enough recipes to give it a whirl.

I used thin rice noodles because that's what I had on hand.  Toppings included shredded basil, cilantro, lime wedges, green onions, mung bean sprouts, and chiles.  No additional chiles were needed, though!  I put about 5 tabasco chiles into the broth, so it had some serious kick!

Even Mike, notorious soup hater that he is, ate two bowls of this stuff.  Good thing I like it since I have about a gallon of broth!


Catherine said...

I made pho this weekend, too!!!

alaina said...

ahh i've spent many a night at my local pho restaurant in my omni days, but i have yet to make a vegan version. that looks tasty!

allularpunk said...

oh... my terrible cold wants this in my belly to cure it right NOW. spicy broth and noodles and other awesome goodness? please. sign me up.