Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What's a few inches?

I've been loving Celine's Foolproof Yeast Bread for the past 2 days.  First I made it with regular whole wheat flour, soymilk, and sugar for the sweetener.  But last night I mixed it up and used a hefty amount of curry powder and garam masala in the dough.  YUM!  Imagine the smell of baking bread wafting through your house PLUS the smell of a curry simmering on the stove. Next time I might use coconut milk for the liquid in the recipe to add more curry-ness.  And apples would be good in there, too.

I made a discovery last night that will forever change how my baking turns out. I haven't been able to figure out why the heck my breads haven't been holding their rise in the oven and why they have rock hard crusts lately.

Well, I've been using an oven thermometer since my oven is not very accurate with its temperature...but over time the thermometer has inched closer to the door.  Turns out the difference between close to the door and a few inches back is about 50 degrees!  I've been blasting my bread at about 450-500 F for a few weeks now!

Needless to say, the loaf last night was the best bread I've made in weeks and I am savoring every curry-infused piece.   


Celine said...

aren't all ovens loco en el coco? I wish our apartment came with a better model too. your bread looks byoot!

Liz said...

Holy moly, that bread sounds delicious. Your blogs make me hungry.

nonnie said...

If I had some local potatoes, soy milk (made at home) and some fake butter, I'd make you some homemade potato soup so you would feel better. love you bunches Lizzie girl.