Sunday, September 21, 2008


I need to prioritize on my days off of work or I'll try to do too much and get overwhelmed.

Yesterday was cleaning day extraordinaire. I scrubbed every inch of the living room and bathroom. So today I'd really like to finish the rest of the house (or at least the kitchen). But with my to do list looking like this, I know I can't do it all.

To do:

Go to target for dog food and TP

Go to farmer's market for case of tomatoes

Make and can apple butter

Make and can tomato sauce

Grocery shop at the co-op

Bake bread for this week

Get canning jars at hardware store

Harvest from the garden

Clean the kitchen

Go to the yarn store

Practice yoga

Relax a bit

Some of these things will have to be put off. I can't make my favorite pasta sauce without wine and all the liquor stores are closed on Sunday.

But I HAVE to get dog food or Hannah will eat me for dinner. And not harvesting the garden means lost food.

Since the eat local challenge ended I realized that my kitchen has been nearly purged of all preprepared foods. I'm going to try to stick with that, even if I'll be adding non-local foods like rice back into my life.

Sometimes its tough having a self-selected duty and passion for producing and preserving foods, though. It's a lot easier to eat from a box. Like last night: I was so hungry, but it was midnight and there were no quick and easy options. All I wanted was a box of Mac and chreese or a frozen pizza or something! We'll see how I do today... I should probably add "make a pizza crust" to my to do list!

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