Thursday, September 25, 2008

Happy Blogiversary to Me!

A year ago today I decided to start this food blog.  
And now, after nearly 200 posts and 10,810 unique visitors (28,366 pageviews), I'm still sitting here in my kitchen nook, staring at my computer and typing away about food and gardening.  

I must say, I didn't really expect to feel like I had friends online because of this little blog.  And I didn't expect to truly enjoy writing about my food-related thoughts so much.  But there really is a rich online food blogging community and I love having a small part in it.

I really hoped to hit my 200th post on this day, but I've spent the last few days doing nothing but watching CSI NY marathons, knitting, and eating ice cream.  I'm in my moon lodge now (as my yoga teacher would say) and not really up for big cooking projects.  

So here's a list of my favorite moon lodge comforts:
  • Coconut Craze Purely Decadent soy ice cream
  • Whole Grain Milling Co. organic yellow corn chips with homemade salsa
  • Anything that involves frozen peanut butter
  • Carrots with ranch dressing (made with Veganaise)
  • Super spicy-gingery dahl
  • Buckets of homemade hummus
  • Lemonade
  • Pickles, olives, and other salty treats that contribute to bloating
  • Brownies, cupcakes, and straight up frosting
  • Popcorn with tons of flax oil and nutritional yeast
  • My massage chair
  • Tiger Balm 
  • Seriously warm socks
  • TV marathons of any type, but preferably some sort of CSI/Law and Order show
  • Sweeties that will bring me more chips and ice cream when I need them
  • Cramp bark, Vitamin B6, and borage oil
  • Hot water bottles, hot tea, and snuggly kittens

I'll feel better soon (like tomorrow morning, hopefully) and then I'll go to work again and get started on the case of roma tomatoes sitting in my kitchen waiting to become tomato sauce.  

For now, though, I'll relish this do-nothing-ness that happens once a month.


Vegyogini said...

Happy blog-iversary, Liz! Frozen peanut butter sounds like something I really must explore. I'm with you on the Coconut Craze ice cream; it's fabulous! Spicy, gingery dahl sounds amazing, too. Feel better soon. :)

jessy said...

happy blogiversary! yay!

i can't wait to see all the canned tomato sauce! mmmmmmmmmmmmm! i really need to learn about canning! ;)

i've been knitting a bunch lately, too. fall just puts me in a knitting kind of mood! wheeeeeeeee!

hope you're feeling better fast!

Catherine said...

"Moon lodge" is a great phrase. :) Love it! Congratulations on taking time for yourself!

allularpunk said...

i love law & order and csi of any type, perfect for.. the moon lodge. i love that name, and am totally borrowing it. oh, and happy blogiversary!

aimee said...

I like the "moon lodge"! I usually just say "moony". I envy your crazy canning mojo. You'll be so lucky in the winter with all of those wonderful veggies and jams!

Vegan_Noodle said...

Congrats on one year of blogging!!

And buckets of hummus! Made me laugh :-)

Sanja said...

Happy blogiversary!

Tami (Vegan Appetite) said...

Happy Blogiversary... and here's to pickles and wonderful tasting things that increase bloating! :)

Your posts are always creative and fun. I'm looking forward to your next year.

pavotrouge said...

congrats (to the anniversary)! and get better soon :)

Jen said...

Hi Liz. I am enjoying your blog. I just found it a few weeks ago. It made me feel proud when reading your list that some things I enjoy eating matched your list. We love purely decandant too but haven't tired the coconut - probably won't for awhile if Al continues on his homemade soy cream kick (loving it) . Those are our favorite chips too and Al makes some mean fresh salsa. I just made popcorn and nutritional yeast last evening after a too long hiatus, never tried the flax oil though. Do you pop it in that? Is it mostly for flavor or nutrition or both? I looked and didn't find a recipe for the vegan ranch but since I went vegan I haven't found anything to satisfy that old craving. Can you post a recipe please?

Claire said...

i love crunchy things while in my "moon lodge" and recently discovered that cashew/sunflower/peanut butter was more satisfying than a chocolate bar. i felt like i had possibly lost my mind, but i'm glad someone else sees the appeal.
Next time- warming some up with a little chocolate for an apple dip.
Maybe right now....

have you ever tried mary's gone crackers? GF and flax/rice based cracker. i like them because i can eat more per calorie count than corn chips per hummus attack. because it's really all about the hummus.

Liz said...

Thanks, everyone!
Jen- I use the flax oil drizzled on top for nutritional value- and to make the salt stick! I'll have to find some written down measurements for the ranch. It's important to have a good ranch recipe in your life.

Claire- I LOVE Mary's gone crackers- especially the caraway or black pepper ones. They make me feel good even if I eat a lot of them.

Liz said...

See the sidebar on my blog for the tag "ranch". It'll bring you to my favorite recipe. Yum!