Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A quick update

Today I attended a fun vegan gathering of families at Pizza Luce- we had 5 families (15 people total) and ate about $170 worth of pizza. It was like a vegan convention taking over the whole back room! It's so nice to have a community of people with similar values and eating habits who are all close together in age.

I haven't done much cooking in the last few days- But I did make some super local lima bean soup on Sunday and some biscuits. I grew lima beans this year, but I'm afraid that I could've purchased the 1/2 cup of beans I harvested for less money than I paid for the seed packet. This is the first money-losing venture in my garden, I think. Still, though, it was fun to have a lima bean, carrot, turnip, and kale soup from such sustainable sources. The carrots are from the farmer's market and the turnips from the co-op (both local). The kale is from the garden, of course. My lunch rocked today with that soup, some biscuits, and leftover homemade hummus.

I really want to go to the Squash Extravaganza at Featherstone Farm in Rushford, MN next week. Essentially I would be picking squash in exchange for food, free camping, and bonfires for 3 days. My boss is fine with me taking the days off work, so I'll see if I can swing it.

That's all for now...sorry for no pictures!


Anonymous said...

Your soup sounds great! If you don't mind me asking--how did you find out about the vegan gathering at Pizza Luce? I am a vegan in Minneapolis...it sounds like it was a good time!


Liz said...

Send me your email and I'll send you the info-
It started as a group of just 3 families and has grown now to 5!