Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My problem

I think I have an addiction. Drinking never appealed to me that much and just don't have time for smoking weed anymore. I've safely avoided gambling problems. So you'd think I was in the clear.
But kitchen appliances ...they are just too much for me.

Here is a list of some of my choice appliances and gadgets:
  • My Frigidaire commercial refrigerator (no freezer, baby. It's all fridge)
  • Haier chest freezer (holds enough kale to last us a year, plus still has room for ice cream)
  • KitchenAid mixer with pasta maker(in Tangerine to match my walls. Okay, no, the walls match the mixer because the mixer came first)
  • KitchenAid Food Processor
  • Champion Juicer (it will chew through anything)
  • CuisineArt ice cream maker
  • Presto stainless steel pressure cooker
  • Presto pressure canner (18qt)
  • Salton yogurt maker
  • Whirly-pop popcorn maker
  • Two 2-gallon Burley clay pickling crocks

So you'd think I would be satisfied with these, right?
Wrong. I just put a Soyquick Premier soymilk maker and tofu kit on my credit card. I feel super guilty and super excited to make my own tofu, yogurt, and soymilk/oatmilk/etc.

Validate me. Please.


CB said...

I want a cherry pitter. You've been validated. LOL
Clara @ iheartfood4thought

erinsr said...

Ummm... I have a subscription to Cooks Illustrated, the online version of Cook's Illustrated, and Amterica's Test Kitchen Video on Demand (because TPT apparently isn't fast enough for me.) And they ALL have equipment testing/recommendations, bless their hearts. Yay kitchen gadgets!

So, that's the guilt by association part. The validation part... when you have to process so much produce (as you do when you're purchasing organic or managing garden produce) you need to have good tools or the bounty would become completely unmanageable.

(Or at least that's how I justify another chopping knife purchase : ) )

Sarah Elise said...

You will love your soyquick. Remember when I was all, fresh tofu!!! It really rounds out any kitchen. I need your expertise on how to fit more kitchen appliances into my 485 sq ft. apt. You need to come visit!

Emilie said...

Is it validating if I admit that just reading your list added five items to my own list?

Oh, how I wish for a chest freezer.

Seriously though, you're doing good stuff with it all so I say keep collecting!

Zoey said...

I am excited for your soy milk maker. I hope that you will post some of your new projects on your blog so we can see how it works.

aTxVegn said...

Oh, yeh, you're good. I have stuff I've never used, don't know how to use, or even remember where it came from! Just make sure you always live some place with a great big kitchen.

I might need a milk maker too, if it will make almond milk. And a sprouter kit.

aimee said...

Um...If you feel guilt then that means many of the rest of us might start to feel guilty for not feeling guilty about all the "stuff" we have. You wouldn't want that now, would you? Consider yourself validated!

trina said...

We bought it last week! I'm pretty happy so far - I've never owned another soy milk maker, so I can't compare, but we've made soy-oat, "Metropolitan," and Nonna's recipe from her web site. I think I'm happiest with that one, but will use less salt next time.

Lily Girl said...

My kitchen tools list looks very similar, and I *really* want a soy milk maker, but I am doing my best to be good and wait until my birthday when I can make it a gift. (Every gift by boyfriend has given me in the last year and a half has been a kitchen tool...)
You are not alone in your "problem"... maybe we should start a support group... :o)