Sunday, August 24, 2008

Fresh soymilk!

I'm so excited to have my new SoyQuick SQ930P soymilk maker!

Sure, it's pretty easy and not that expensive to buy soymilk. And the Organic Valley stuff is even grown and processed within the Midwest. But there's something really satisfying about taking a raw product and turning it into something you usually have to buy.

So far I've make a classic soymilk and a soy-oat milk. We love the flavor of the soy-oat milk, but it was a little thick for regular drinking. I did use it in some blueberry scones for the kids and I, though, and I thought it was great for baking. It lent a richness to the scones- sort of like cream would do.

I've made one block to tofu so far- I didn't realize that one batch of soymilk will only make a little tofu block. But it hardly takes any time to make the milk, so it's no big deal. The tofu was a great texture- very firm, just like I like it.

I have plenty of soymilk, yogurt, and tofu projects to come, that's for sure.


Vegyogini said...

How cool! You look very pretty in this photo, too.

Sarah Elise said...

How is your soyquick better than mine? Is clean up better? Also it takes 3 batches of soymilk to make an American size block of tofu. :)