Monday, August 18, 2008

Garlicky Goodness

Here's what's been going on in our kitchen lately:

When we bottle up soda, the kitten likes to try to attack the brew as it bubbles through the tubing!

This latest soda is Maple Rhubarb. It uses 1/2 maple syrup and 1/2 sugar to sweeten it and rhubarb to give it some tartness. As you can see, it has some serious carbonation after 36 hours! (The leaves are some mint and lavender I had in my glass- not part of the original recipe).

I was delighted to see these blue/purple potatoes are the cheapest potatoes at the co-op right now. They're local, organic, and crazily colored- You really can't beat that. I used some yogurt/mayo mix and last year's sweet pickles to whip up a potato salad. It was super good today after it had marinated overnight.
Today was the Sustainable Farming Association's Garlic Fest out at the Wright County Fairgrounds. Sure, I added some food miles onto this garlic by driving out there all by myself, but it was great talking to the folks that grew the garlic! I picked up the following:

  • 2 heads Chesnok Red and 2 heads German Extra Hardy from Sunfresh Foods in Preston, MN. These guys are certified organic.
  • 2 heads Chesnok Red and 1 head Russian Red from Coffman Garlic in West Concord, MN
  • 2 heads Merrifield Rocambole and 2 heads Northern White from Hawk's Brain Garlic in Red Wing, MN
  • 2 heads Armenian and 4 heads Music from Living Song Gardens in Crow River, MN
  • 2 heads Polish Jenn and 1 head Polish White from StoneHouse Farm in Miltona, MN
  • Garlic powder from Girardin Gourmet Gardens in Cannon Falls

I also scored a great deal on some little potatoes from Earthstar Farm in Hickston, WI. They're not yet certified organic, but working toward it.

Then on my way home I saw Apple Jack Orchards and decided to see if they had any apples yet. Sure enough, they had some early crop apples for super cheap. And they're Midwest Food Alliance Certified!

I can't wait to try all the different varieties!


Anonymous said...

So glad to hear you went to the Garlic Festival. I wanted to but it didn't work out. Next year!

My first experience to many types of garlic was about 5 years ago down at Seed Savers in Iowa. Who knew there were soooo many different kinds?

We absolutely LOVE garlic at my house. When we grill, there is always a bulb or more getting tasty. We could each eat a bulb of roasted garlic at a sitting.

Thanks for sharing your experience. Can't wait to hear what you make with the different types of garlic.

Elizabeth said...

from Elizabeth

jessy said...

oh man, your kitten is too cute!! maple rhubarb sounds like such a tasty combination, too! i think your potato salad looks fun & tasty - and i can't wait to see how ya use all the different garlics! that's so cool! :D

mnultraguy said...

We were also out at the Garlic fest.

Liz said...

Oh, Elizabeth, I am so jealous that you went to Seedsavers! I want to go visit so bad...

Elizabeth said...

My neighbor's son was a student at Luther College in Decorah. I'd ride along sometimes for visits. We only stopped at Seed Savers a few times. Each visit was neat though.

shell said...

Can IU get the recipe/technique on how to make your rhubarb/maple syrup soda?

shell said...

Can you please e-mail me your comments on the rhubarb soda!!!

Liz said...

Sure thing, Shell- I just need your email address (I couldn't access your profile info).

For now, go to

Just sub 2 quarts of chopped rhubarb for the mulberries, maple syrup for the brown sugar, and eliminate the date syrup and all spices.

shell said...