Monday, August 11, 2008

Fall planting

Well, we're back from our camping trip- and just in time, too. We ran out of food on our last morning, which made for an interesting breakfast of polenta, black beans, and 2 veggie burgers all mixed together with graham crackers and cherries on the side. All 4 batches of cookies were gone within 36 hours (To our credit, though, we shared with about 7 other people). No matter how much food I think I'm packing, we eat it all!

Today I'm enjoying a leisurely day. It's the last day of my 6-day vacation from work. (so sad!) This morning I harvested a ton of little tomatoes that had ripened while we were gone, some broccoli, peppers, and the last of the bolting mustard greens.

I'd been keeping the mustard greens in the garden even after they flowered because I wanted to harvest the seeds for the spice pantry. But I really couldn't justify keeping these bitter greens in valuable Fall garden space much longer, so I plucked them out and set up the seed pods to dry.

A couple of stalks were already fully dried, so I harvested them- and yielded a whopping 1 tablespoon of seeds. Time consuming, yes, but so satisfying when combined with coriander, cumin seed, asafoetida, and turmeric in my mustard green soup for breakfast.

I also pulled the cilantro/coriander for drying. Today I used the last of the dried coriander seeds from last year's garden. This year I didn't plant as much, though, so I don't think it will last so long.

After clearing these guys out, I planted more radishes, turnips, carrots, and green beans for the Fall garden. Hopefully these little seeds will sprout quickly so they can mature before it gets too chilly!

I'll have to add pictures of these things later, as I dropped the camera under the deck.

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Alice (in Veganland) said...

Mustard green soup for breakfast? You have to blog about that!