Saturday, April 26, 2008

Rich as Hell

Well, if I was lacking ideas for good food this week, it has all changed now. Basically anything sounds good right now because I started a juice fast/master cleanse on Wednesday night.

I usually only do a fast about once a year and for 3-4 days at a time- That's plenty for me. It's always a tricky balance for me to get the benefits of a fast without triggering too many eating disorder memories/symptoms from my past. So far I've been doing just fine- and Mike is watching me like a hawk (don't worry, Mom!). Fasting is like a reset button for my diet- Afterwards I make wiser choices.

I also feel like a fast helps me with meditation and keeping a meditative mind for longer. I become more aware of my thoughts, particularly those about food, since I can't eat right now. And, gee whiz, do I think about food a lot! Nearly every time I see an advertisement, a food product, or catch a smell of anything I'll get a craving for something. Normally I don't notice this very much- I'll just choose a craving to follow and eat something to satiate it. The last few days I've been observing my food thoughts and letting them go. It's quite liberating. And I have a lot more free time when I'm not cooking or watching the Food Network or looking at food blogs!

I do feel a bit weird about fasting, though, at a time when so many people in our world are starving. With food prices rising so incredibly high, people worldwide that had food only months ago are actually dying from hunger.

The irony of my situation hit me full force yesterday when I was doing a cooking class/lecture on sustainable and local foods to a group of kids who live in transitional housing. I mean, these kids really don't get enough to eat. And when they do eat, it is whatever is available. They devoured my black bean tacos and homemade salsa like it was their last meal...and the mini chocolate bars were gone before I could say, "Fair Trade". Then there I was, with the privilege of choosing NOT to eat. Sometimes I feel like I don't have very much money, but really, in big scheme of things, I'm rich as hell.


Vegan_Noodle said...

I have never done a juice fast but have been thinking about it for awhile. You are so right in that we are all lucky that we know when our next meal will be...

Tami said...

This post is really inspirational. Most of us are really lucky to be able to make so many choices in our lives.