Saturday, April 19, 2008

Mango Madness!

I finally broke down and bought a case of mangos on Friday. How could I pass up 16 organic mangos for $20 (and then 20% off that for my employee discount)? So since Friday, it's been mango everything.

Mango lassi: plain soyogurt with rice milk, mango, agave nectar and rosewater blended up
Mango yogurt: Plain soyogurt with mango chunks, drizzled with agave nectar and sprinkled with cardamom
And of course, plain mango flesh sucked off the pit, my favorite. I have ideas for much more, but we'll see if the mangos last long enough for experimentation.

I do think that I might be slightly allergic to mangos, though. When I eat them, my lips get slightly numb and my tongue itches a bit. Nothing life threatening, so I'll probably continue eating them...At least until the case is used up.

Hannah dog has been enjoying the plethora of mango "bones" and the kitties have been enjoying the sunshine.
Today Mike turned the compost and I prepare the garden beds. I planted some carrots, lettuce, and beans...but I know there's a chance that it'll still freeze again.


Anonymous said...

Don't say the "F" word! I cannot freeze again...hasn't our winter lasted long enough this year?!

I am jealous of your mangoes!!


shannon said...

I love your blog.
I have been visiting it the last couple of months, but still can't find anything cool to say to let you know I read. So, I love your blog.

Shannon Dallenbach Durbin

Erin said...

Mangos! A good portion of the year they are less than a dollar down here. We are lucky, I know. 99% of the time mine end up in smoothies.

Dieta said...

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Tempered Woman said...

OK, so you bought all those beautiful mangoes...where the heck is your Royal Foodie Joust submission?!?! Did I miss it? I've been patiently waiting. I know you can come up with something totally original and knock it out of the park!