Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Pizza Night!

So that beautiful gluten-free bread I baked this weekend is no longer. We enjoyed about 3 slices before we left the house and the dog stole it off the counter and ate the entire thing. All that is left are the bits of foil that wrapped the loaf- and those are scattered all over the house.

So instead of baking another loaf tonight, I baked pizzas (using Mary Frances' recipe, of course). They had onion, red pepper, green pepper, black olives, rainbow chard, and fresh herbs...and Teese cheese.

I'm not sure when it happened, but at some point I stopped thinking about what would be good on a pizza when choosing toppings and started thinking, "How many vegetables can I cram onto this pizza?" I decided against green beans on this one tonight. Before
Trouble has started sleeping in the dog's kennel. I don't think this is a smart move!


Erin said...

My cat is a bread stealer too! I have to put any and all baked goods into the microwave (makeshift bread box) before leaving the house. He doesn't eat it all though, he bites a couple chunks out and pushes it around the floor just enough so that I can't salvage it.

Mary Frances said...

Rainbow chard is a great idea!!! I need new pizza toppings..we're getting tired of our usual onion, bell pepper, olives, mushroom, and cheese. i do throw pineapple on there every now and then, but that's still not terribly creative.