Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I haven't felt very inspired to cook lately. I've been inspired to garden, sit outside and work sudoku puzzles, ride my bike, take the dog for a walk, and even clean the house...but not cook anything blog-worthy. I've just been cooking rice and beans and greens lately.

I wonder if I'm sick or something's wrong with me?

Mike mentioned that he wants to do a fast/cleanse pretty soon and perhaps it's time for me as well. I usually do a short fast in the springtime, but we've never done one together. I think it might be easier to stick with water and fresh juices if someone's not in the kitchen cooking tater tots. So I might not have food pics to post for the next few days or so...or I might get inspired and go on a baking spree tomorrow. Who knows. For now I think I'll go sit on the deck with the kitties.

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Jennifer said...

We all go through those times.

I do have to agree though, my garden has my attention as of late as well.

Ooooh a fast, Brett and I haven't done one in awhile....