Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Kitten Yoga

When Crystal and I were doing yoga on Sunday, the kitten decided to do yoga with us. Trouble's approach is to try to absorb the benefits of yoga through osmosis- by laying on people doing yoga. Here we are in savasana:
And on the meditation cushion:
Then tonight I was in Viparitta Karani on a block when Trouble jumped up on my belly and started to knead!
I think she's really into this.

And because this is a food blog, not a yoga blog, I'll post up a picture of a great classic macrobiotic dinner we had last week. This is brown rice, adzuki beans cooked with kombu and kale, and a mix of roasted yams and carrots. The leftovers were great in my lunch all week and I felt very virtuous.


Jennifer said...

That is too cute! Trouble could exercise with me any time. Aw! What a cute kitty.

Do I spy yams?! I do! And beans! Adzuki no less, one of my favorites. What a simple but super tasty looking meal. I'd have that any day of the week.

I just have to say one more time, Trouble is adorable!!

Vegyogini said...

Every time I unroll my yoga mat at home, my cat gets on it! I have to be very careful moving from pose to pose lest I step on him. :)

pavotrouge said...

hilarious! I want a cat yoga blog!

herbivore said...

Aww what a sweet cat, my dog thinks yoga is an invitation to kiss me face :)

I agree with Jennifer on your meal. I adore orange food.

Vegan_Noodle said...

Ha! Looks like your kittie wants to get a workout in!
I need to learn more about macrobiotics... dinner sounds tasty.

Sarah said...

You and Trouble need to teach a kitten yoga class. And tape it so Theodore and I can do it at home.

springsandwells said...

so sweet!!

I love the kitty + yoga pictures. My cat Yummers often does yoga with me, and he comes up with all sorts of cute snugs - but I've never managed to photodocument it.

Your macrobiotic meal is virtuous indeed, I'm impressed. I love eating meals like that, but my bf wouldn't tolerate it.

Amazing that you did your thesis on bars!! I can only imagine how sick of bars you must have been!

:) amey

Happy Herbivore! said...

I love your kitty!

Anardana said...

You have the best blog title of all time.

Banu said...

typical cat! :)

too cute...