Monday, April 14, 2008

For Jessy

Jessy from Happyveganface just tagged me to name 5 things about me that others may not know. (Everyone should check out her blog because she has really creative and practical recipes). Being asked to list 5 things about myself feeds 2 of my loves: lists and surveys/talking about myself. I sort of feel like anyone who reads my blog already knows everything about me. And if you read my myspace surveys AND my blog, you definitely know everything about me. But surely I can find some interesting things to say... I happily accept the challenge.

1. I really want to start dressing like I just stepped out of Little House on the Prairie. Like with a bonnet and an apron and everything. I already have the bloomers, bonnet, and apron actually. I just need to sew some good calico dresses. I think if Mike goes with his plan to wear only Tibetan monk robes, we would make a very interesting looking couple.

2. I'm vegan, but I still love cheese. I don't plan on eating any, but I love reading about how to make and pair cheeses. Even if I disagree with raising animals for use as food, I appreciate the art of fine artisan cheese making.

3. My ancestors were original Jamestown settlers and I could be a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution if I actually applied. I'm related to John Adams (and John Q. Adams), too.

4. I hate soymilk. It grosses me out with its beany taste and my stomach always hurts after I drink it. I wish with all my might that coffee shops would start carrying almond milk for lattes instead of soymilk. Rice milk doesn't cut it either.

5. I like to dance with the dog because it makes her bark really loud and growl at me. The crazier I dance, the more she freaks out. If I just say, "Let's dance, Hannie!", she'll get really angry, jump up on me, and growl. It's great!

I like this. I'll keep going.

6. I have a permanent retainer cemented to my teeth. Luckily the headgear was not permanent.

7. I hate the sound of pencils writing and silverware on plates.

8. I'm allergic to grass, trees (including maple trees), dust, mold, and cats. You should have seen the reaction when Mike started sanding some maple wood in the basement!

9. I really want to get a new tattoo of bluebonnets growing up my left leg.

10. Mice live in our oven at night.

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Romina said...

I could not agree more about soy milk. It's so gross!! I love Almond Milk so so much. Sometimes I just want to bring it with me to coffee shops so I can get a latte for once! And rice milk, yuck... it's like water and sugar.

Anonymous said...

I just finished reading "The Whole Soy Story" - I won't be touching soymilk anytime soon, either. It makes my lips break out. I agree with you about rice milk, too.

Happy Herbivore! said...

I am allergic to latex! want to trade weird, annoying allergies?

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Hehe I like your #5. MY own dog growls/goes crazy whenever anyone plays an instrument :o).