Monday, March 29, 2010

My Kitchen

I'm feeling really grateful for my kitchen today.  I love having a space to cook that I'm so familiar with, I barely had to open my eyes to prepare the soup tonight.  My hands knew my knife, my counter, my stove so well that they didn't even have to ask my brain if it was time to crush the garlic.

I started thinking about this a couple weeks ago when making dinner at my friend Morgen's house.  I was chopping shallots and was going soooo slow.  Something that normally would take me a few seconds was taking forever because the knife was unfamiliar and the countertop a different height.  I realized then that I take my kitchen for granted-

I'm so grateful to have this space to cook in and the time to cook and the energy and passion for it.  So many problems in our culture are linked to not taking the time to cook at home- I think it's on my mind because of that Jamie Oliver show that premiered last Friday (oh, yeah and because that what I'm trying to promote everyday  at work).  Cooking might not solve all of our society's problems, but it can certainly help with a good number of the environmental and health ones. Oh heck.  It can help with the emotional and familial ones, too.

So here's a tour of my kitchen. It's not perfect, but I love it.   I hope you have a kitchen that you love, too.

"The pantry"
Home to the chest freezer, all the dry goods in cute canning jars, salvaged soap display shelf from the co-op, recycling station,  chile ristra and the KitchenAid that has broken 4 times.

My main prep space
Home to my Fiestaware, my favorite knife, the ledge that I can never get totally clean, a juicer starting to gather dust, and of course, the beloved dishwasher. Off to the left is the office part of the pantry, a.k.a. cookbook storage area.

Fridge and cooking central
Home of the oven that's 50 degrees off its gauge, my super awesome commercial fridge, Whirly Pop popcorn maker, pressure cooker and the condiment lazy susan.


Blake said...

Thanks for letting us tour your kitchen, Liz! I LOVE seeing how other people organize their spaces, especially fellow cooks. :) I totally agree with you about cooking at home, and I admire you sharing your passion.

Catherine said...

Even though it would only take one photo to take a tour of my kitchen, I love it, too!

Do you store your dry goods in canning jars on a wine rack? Genius!

Aimee said...

Cool kitchen! I think more people (the cooking types anyway) should show off their kitchens.
Ours is very large and mostly unusable. It was 'remodeled' for people who don't cook! That means practically no counter space. But we have big plans for changing that.

I'm not sure what you mean about your oven being off... we had a thermometer in ours so we could see what the actual temperature was. Things were getting really bad with food burning or being overdone. We finally bought a new thermometer and found out the old one was 100 degrees off!! So our oven actually was heating to the proper temperature - but we thought it wasn't so we kept cranking it up higher! That's over now though. =)

Anonymous said...

This is a great post! My partner and I were just talking last night about how much we love our kitchen, even though it isn't huge. It is functional! I keep my dried bulk foods in jars too - so much simpler. And, my oven is off by 125 degrees!! Yipes. Thanks for sharing!

Melissa said...

Thanks for taking us through your kitchen! That first pict looks like it could be a store with all those gorgeous canned goodies! I'm living away from my house right now and the kitchen is pretty small but I've learned to love it! I hear you on feeling slower or even another kitchen as it seems so foreign!

Michal said...

Your kitchen is so lovely, I wish my line looked like yours :)