Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Day 2- Pantry Challenge

Not much time for bloggin' because Sons of Anarchy season finale is tonight!

Today I had a grilled cheeze for brunch- made with some day old free bread and the "colby" cheeze I made yesterday from the Uncheese Cookbook.  Ridiculously good, by the way,  I also ate pickles.

For late lunch I had leftover split peas and rice, almonds, craisins, candycane Jo-Jo's, and some vegan gummy bears that were free samples.

For dinner I had Mike's brown rice special- brown rice, tofu, kale from the garden.

Here's lunch for tomorrow:

Nearly the last of the leftover GF stuffing, some smoked tofu, pickled beets, butternut squash dip, a satsuma mandarin, craisins, and almonds. Yum!  It's like a sampler platter!

I'm teaching until late tomorrow, so I'll update again on Thursday with the pantry challenge progress.

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jessy said...

dan’s been downloading the Sons of Anarchy show, and while we’re just a few episodes in, i soooooo love it the most! it’s such a fun show & i love all the bikes ‘n badassness! i let a friend borrow The Uncheese Cookbook – i think i need to see about getting it back. i’d love to try the colby cheeze. mmmmmmm! now i’m not only craving cheeze, but pickled beets as well. i’m loving your pantry challenge eats, Liz – they sound so yummy & look so goooood.