Monday, November 30, 2009

Day 1- Pantry Challenge

Today was tough- Not because I was tempted to buy food to eat today, but because it was the last day of the November sales at the Co-op.  I REALLY wanted to "stock up". Except I'm already stocked up.

For example- The tea I tried to justify buying yesterday is a really good deal.  But I have about 10 varieties of tea already in my cupboard, including 3 that I just bought this month.  Kinda ridiculous.

Here are some photos to illustrate my point (Not pictured: canning pantry, tea/spice shelf and freezer):

Pantry Left

Pantry Right

Fridge...With Hannah trying to get into the crisper 

It's kind of a mess.  I hope that by the end of this challenge I'll have a much more organized pantry and fridge!

Here's what I ate today:
Breakfast- Water, satsuma orange, almonds
Lunch- Leftover risotto, pickled beets, 2 Peppermint Jo-Jo's
Snack- Water, Rye crackers, cashew cheese
Dinner- Crockpot brown rice and split peas with tomato chutney and soy yogurt raita

Tonight's dinner was totally easy.  I just threw some brown rice, split peas and water into the crockpot to soak last night and then turned it on high when I left for yoga this morning.  Then after work I found it all cooked (okay, really a bit overcooked) and added tons of cumin, coriander, mustard seeds, garlic, fennel, turmeric, garam masala and salt in hot oil.  That's it!  It was really yummy- especially with tomato chutney and yogurt.  We all agreed that nearly anything would be delicious with those condiments, though!

I'm certainly eating pretty good...We'll see how I'm doing in a week.  I'm not sure how long my pantry challenge should last, but I think it should be at least 7 days.  I did 13 last time, so maybe that should be my goal...But I don't want to commit to that!  I'm thinking about taking my checkcard out of my wallet as a reminder to myself, though.


Anonymous said...

I really, REALLY need to do this too. Maybe you'll inspire me to finally do it! (Although I did go to the co-op today.)

Catherine said...

Leaving money at home is the BEST way to not spend money. I used to do that when I was working retail and BROKE BROKE BROKE. I'd keep my bus pass and ID in my wallet, but no $$! Sometimes I still believe that's the only way I survived that period -- by having NO "occasional" expenses!

jessy said...

hiya, Liz! you've inspired dan & i to participate in our own pantry challenge! we've got so much in our pantry and i want to use up a bunch as i've noticed some expiration dates on goodies are getting closer & closer...

awesome job on not grabbing more goodies from the co-op even though they were on sale. yay! your crockpot brown rice 'n split peas sounds yum - and i can't believe i've never had tomato chutney before. i've gotta make some soon & give it a whirl!

Liz said...

Yay- swellvegan and Jessy are on board! We should recruit more people!


Thanks for the inspiration. I know what I'll be doing the next few days.

Mark said...

I've been kind of trying to do that lately as well. It's been so cold that I just don't want to go to the grocery store.