Friday, November 13, 2009

More Co-op Booty

This week I got to visit both the Wedge Co-op and Lakewinds Co-op's Chanhassen store. Yippee- That means buying fun, new or hard to find products that I don't really need, but really want to try!

Here's the haul:

Let me show you a little more:
Pure Market Express Lemon Tart. Holy moly. I probably wouldn't make a habit out of paying $7.99 for a dessert, but ... well, maybe. This totally raw dessert is rich and tart- but not heavy or greasy or overly sweet. It's perfect. I hear their other desserts and entrees are pretty rockin', too. This is from Lakewinds Co-op.

Anyone who hasn't tried South River miso should go buy a jar right now. For real, this is the best miso ever. It's in glass jars. It's unpasteurized. And the company is super cool- I get their newsletter and they send yummy recipes and info about miso. My favorite has always been the garlic and red pepper variety...But this dandelion leek variety rivals that. I ate kind of a lot just with a spoon.
Pomegranate molasses. I've needed some for ever and after seeing a really awesome recipe for tofu with pom. molasses and walnuts, I think I need this. Got it at the Wedge.

I don't usually spring for fancy raw foods products, but I was told that this would "blow my mind". And how can you resist organic, raw pistachio pesto? This stuff is intense- it's rich and packed with flavor from olives and sun-dried tomatoes. I wish I could taste the pistachios more, but I'm excited to find all the uses for this stuff. So far I've been spreading it on crackers and thoroughly enjoying it.

I admit bias towards Silver Spring products. Mike is in a band with someone who works at the production plant, so we've sampled darn near every product they make. And I get to hear stories about giant tubes that transport organic horseradish and tamari valves getting clogged and such- Fun! (to hear about, not to actually deal with, I'm sure). Someday we'll get a tour! I extra like their products because they're cheap, tasty, local and organic- Win, Win, Win, Win.

Spices!!! I depend on the Wedge Co-op for various spices and herbs that I can't find at other stores. Sassafras, sarsaparilla, smoked paprika, and black cumin seed- hell yeah!

These Ines Rosales tortas are rockin'. I've never really had anything like them before- They're crunchy, but soft. Like big not-too-hard crackers made with lots of tasty olive oil. I've had the savory-sweet one with anise and olive oil and now this one with rosemary. The anise one is more unique, but both are really good (but pretty heavy on the fat content- these are no diet food).

I think plenty of people know about Uncle Eddie's cookies, but I don't have a steady hook-up for them and they're mighty addictive. So I was super happy to see them at Lakewinds! I think my favorite is the oatmeal chocolate chip.

That's all!


The Voracious Vegan said...

You are SO lucky to have such a great store filled with yummy food, I am intrigued by all the tasty treats you bought.

Pistachio pesto sounds delicious! I love any kind of pesto but have never thought to make it with pistachios. Don't know why since I love them so much...

Mustard and horseradish are two of my favorite things! I loooove to use them in salad dressings, add them to a nooch cheese sauce or just dip anything and everything in there! YUM!

Anonymous said...

If you're totally into supporting co-ops to the max (which is awesome), then this probably won't help, but I work at the Wedge and I bought that same bottle of pom molasses. Then I went to Bill's on Lake Street and found the exact same bottle for 1/3 of the price. Grrr...

That lemon tart looks REALLY good!

Anonymous said...

Yay--I LOVE going to new co-ops (and even grocery stores) and exploring...geeky? A little, I guess. But so much fun! I love the Wedge--that is where I shop. I used to work at the Lakewinds in Minnetonka, though! I recently went to Eastside Co-op and had so much fun looking around :-)


jessy said...

i wish we had a sweet co-op near us - you brought home so much awesomness, Liz! wow!

dan & i love living tree community's products - i've never had their pistacho pesto, but their olives & raw tahini rock socks! the raw lemon tart looks totally worth it & i'm digging the south river miso, too. totally going to keep an eye out for that. i love getting bulk spices - and those oatmeal chocolate chip cookies look mighty addictive (and gloriously good), indeed. yum!

Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

I love a good co-op! It looks like you scored some awesomeness.

Anonymous said...

I just saw that south river miso for the first time at the pharmacy and I almost got it but it was so expensive that I didn't want to splurge without reading reviews. So thanks for the tip!

And I am so with you on the Uncle Eddies...