Friday, December 11, 2009

Why Pen Pals Rule

This right here is why pen pals are super awesome...especially my pen pal.

My West Coast twin sent me a "Cali-love care package" that blew my mind.

LOCALLY GROWN bananas, persimmons and avocados!!!!!  Oh, how amazing that sounds on this cold week!  And after a long, long day it was so much fun to come home to this package filled with produce grown by small farmers that she knows, artwork and Uncle Eddie's cookies!

Can't you just feel the Cali love?


Anonymous said...

Wow--lucky you! I can't believe all that produce shipped so well. What fun...especially during your pantry challenge :-)


jessy said...

oooh, squeeeeeeeee! locally grown bananas are just too awesome, and the persimmons look perfect! i know you enjoy those cookies, too - what a sweet pen pal, Liz. nice!

Unplanned Cooking said...

To have persimmons shipped in! They are so expensive right now. I've never had one, and want to buy one, and probably just should.

Catherine said...

So fun! I received a package yesterday too, and enjoyed it so much. Pen pals are great.