Thursday, July 16, 2009

Butternut squash ravioli with green beans

I'm not sure that I could be more exhausted than I am right now. We opened our new West 7th location of Mississippi Market today and it was CRAZY busy!

I'm sitting back with a quick dinner of frozen ravioli with green beans and garden herbs. The sauce is just earth balance and lemon juice, but it's darn tasty.
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Scott said...

Which ravioli?

Liz said...

We have 3 vegan varieties of Rising Moon frozen ravioli at West 7th! The butternut squash one was super good- a tad sweet with a hint of nutmeg.

Scott said...

I figured it was rising moon. "Frozen ravioli" conjures up a chef-boyardee image, and those rising moon ravioli are a cut way above. I didn't realize there was a butternut squash one. I shoulda thought. I forgot, if you took the "what Hogwarts house am I in?" test you'd come up Veganclaw. I'm a gorgonzola man myself.