Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Little Tour of the Garden

I think I'm in love with my garden.
I was so scared that things wouldn't grow as good as they used to before swapping my soil. I never did much besides weed and occasionally spread some composted manure in my old garden and it miraculously grew huge quantities of food. I feel like it was magic- totally not due to any gardening skill or training on my part. So I was nervous that this new soil, while not contaminated, might not be very good or would require a lot of time and attention. But now I'm not too worried. Here's a tour of my main garden:

The cucumbers are going crazy. I cleaned out the last of the radishes from the cuke bed, so now they have a little more room. I pulled in 2 pounds of pickling cucumbers today. On the right there are peas, a purple cayenne chile plant, tomatillos and then lots of tomatoes.

Here's a view of the green bean bed on the left and the basil/cuke bed on the right. This year I planted some purple, wax, and green beans- This is my first picking of them because they got such a late start. I got nearly three pounds of beans today.

In the back of this view you can see the other tomato bed and one of the broccoli/cauliflower beds. The mulberry tree is in the far back.

Aren't the beans beautiful?! I haven't decided how to preserve the broccoli- I got about 2 3/4 pounds today. Probably I'll freeze it. The beans are destined to be pickled.


Crystal said...

Your garden looks great! And I have to say I like how it is all sectioned off into "planters" I think it makes it look so neat and tidy :-) I miss the garden I had at my last apartment- there is nothing like fresh food that you grew yourself- enjoy it all!

eileen said...

your garden is totally stunning! it's just what I want mine to look like someday when we have actual land to plant in. vegetables everywhere! more, more!

Anonymous said...

I think *I* am in love with your garden! I am soooooooo drawback of apt living is no space/land for growing! Thank goodness for the farmers market, right!?


Lily Girl said...

Just lovely. I have garden envy!

Earthlove. said...

wow beautiful work there! I just started mine for the first time this year. Hopefully one day my gardnes will be that beautiful :)