Saturday, July 25, 2009

Canning and Cake

This morning was pretty awesome- one of my stepsons agreed to can something with me! They're not usually interested in cooking with me, so this was suprising.

We had about 4 lbs. of green, wax, and purple beans to use, so we made Dilly Beans (big surprise). He did a pretty good job of participating- He did everything but use the knife or pour boiling brine! The purple beans lost their color during processing, so you can't really see them.

Stepson even said, "Canning is fun"! What more couple I ask for?!

Last night we had some friends over to play games and eat good food. I forgot to take a picture, of anything but the cake, though!

Strawberry filled peach cake (Hannah Kaminsky's Peach Melba Cake with strawberry instead of raspberry) made with last year's canned peaches.
We also had rockin' strawberry lemonade made with strawberries that Sarah picked the previous day; Last year's corn/squash salsa with Whole Grain Milling Co. chips; Basil Pickled green beans; Potato salad with local potatoes, garden herbs, and homemade pickles. It was all pretty delicious, I must say.


aTxVegn said...

I love to hear about kids being interested in food. Your cake looks delicious!

Anonymous said...

The cake is gorgeous, and I like your adaptation! Hope you enjoyed it. :)

Liz said...

Thanks! Hannah- I wanted to tell you that I made it using some peach pie filling that I canned last year instead of peaches in juice, then reduced the sugar in the recipe a bit to compensate. Delicious way to use up all the canned fruit that I somehow thought I'd use!