Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Everyday Foods

I have few random food pictures from the last week...I tried to think of a theme for them all, but I don't think there is one. Except maybe everyday foods for us. Okay. That will work.
So here they are:

This was a snack plate I put together for the kids and I last week. It includes carrots, celery, apples, blood oranges (amazing right now!), and pecans. The dip was just a mix of tahini, garlic red pepper miso, soy yogurt, and tamari. It's amazing how a great dip can make a couple of 8 year olds devour a plate of veggies!
This is just one reason why I love my sweetie so much. It takes a lot of love and an amazing amount of restraint to save the last one of these to bring home to me. Mike made these for his coworkers last week- Hot and toasty Lifestream gluten free waffles with melted peanut butter, melted chocolate chips, and a scoop of Rice Divine vanilla ice cream on top! Wow! It was hot and cold and chocolatey and so peanut buttery that my whole mouth stuck together.

This stir-fry broke all expectations with its deliciousness. I don't aim high when cooking on Monday and Tuesday nights. These are our busiest night when the kids have extra homework. So I didn't expect much and was pleasantly surprised. I marinated some tofu with tamari, garlic, and sesame oil and baked it for about 20 minutes. Then I stir fried broccoli, carrots, and green beans and mixed up a sauce of all the leftover marinade, orange juice, ginger and cornstarch. This one is a keeper.

This was my dinner tonight. I made a ratatouille out of some zucchini, eggplant, and tomatoes that were about to go bad. This really hit the spot served over top of some pasta with some Parma- and it only took about 20 minutes.
Now the ratatouille would have been delicious with some Spicy Italian Sausage added to it. But I figure that if I've already eaten 2 entire sausages dipped in dijon mustard for lunch, I should probably not eat any more today! I tried taking about 6 pictures of this sausage and Trouble kept jumping up and getting in all the pictures. So they are all blurry and serve as evidence that kittens like vegan sausage almost as much as I do.

Tonight was my "Shopping Co-op on a Budget" class at the co-op. It went really well- we had a full house and some folks even stayed afterward to say how much they appreciated it. I think this one is a keeper (plus, it's free and you can't argue with that). With prices of grains and soy going up, I'm starting to think about expanding my garden this year. (As if I needed an excuse to do that).


Emma said...

your tofu stir fry looks SOO good. do you cut your tofu into triangles like that? how does it look/get so crispy?!

Jennifer said...

I still haven't been able to find miso!

No kidding, you got 8 year old kids to eat their veggies?! That dip must have been a winner.

Oooh, and I like the look of that veggie pasta, zuchini, tomatoes, mmmmmm.

I am making my first attempt at gardening in the ground this year. To this point, I've only grown (and only marginally successfully) in containers, but got a community garden plot this year. I'm excited and nervous, so I'm going to start off with some pretty basic things, and have the container garden going too, see how much food someone in an apartment can produce for themselves.

Kay said...

I've been reading your site for awhile. Just HAD to comment on the waffle with all the fixins! YUM! Sounds delicious!
Oh, and I agree with the kids... it's better with dip!

pavotrouge said...

everything looks really good. and no, you can't have too many of those sausages.

Anonymous said...

Your shopping the co-op on a budget class sounds like such a good idea! I wish I would have known about it so I could have attended...and free to boot?! Definitely a keeper!


Happy Herbivore! said...

that stir-fry looks awesome! (I love stir-frys!)

Thanks for visiting HH! I'm adding you to my blogroll :)

Liz said...

Emma: Yep- I just cut the tofu into triangles and let it marinate in sesame oil and tamari and ginger for a bout 10-20 minutes. Then I bake it on a parchment paper lined pan at 400 degrees for about 20 minutes, flipping when one side is browned. I really prefer my tofu this way to any other preparation. I like it "well done".