Friday, April 29, 2011

A Great Party

The sign of a great party?

Three kinds of fermented cabbage for your (vegan) hotdog.  How many parties have this?  I'm pretty lucky to have friends like Heather and Jesse.

Heather's birthday party was a juicing party and I think that everyone needs to hear about this idea and copy it!  I take no credit for it at all.  They had a juicer whirring all night!  There were "house juices" already made (grapefruit, apple-celery, and orange) and everyone got to combine any fruit or vegetable to make their own signature drink, with or without alcohol.

How many parties do you go to that are centered around fruits and vegetables?  Not many, I'm guessing.  What a great way to promote fruits and veggies!

Sure, not every party needs to have a public health message...But I think this is the coolest idea ever!

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Frugal Vegan Mom said...

That does look awesome - just cause it's healthy doesn't mean it can't be fun! Yum, fresh squeezed screwdriver anyone?