Sunday, April 20, 2014

I killed baby garlic

I don't usually till my garden beds, but this year my soil was looking a little compacted, so I turned it over with my trusty garden fork. Oops. I killed my baby garlic.

I re-planted some of it, but couldn't resist eating a little to celebrate my first day back in the garden after the longest winter ever. I puréed the baby garlic with olive oil, salt, and a bunch of cilantro. I tastes like springtime in heaven.

French Toast Factory

When life gives you a free loaf of pain de mie, you make a full loaf's worth of French toast for the week!! Freeze it on a cooling rack, then seal away until you pop it in the toaster oven and smother it in maple syrup.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Snack Packs

These snack packs are a lifesaver on busy mornings. It just takes a few minutes to make a bunch of these, and I mix and match flavors so I don't get bored with them during the week. I just pair up any dried fruit, nuts, seeds, sturdy cereal (like shredded wheat), or snacky foods (like wasabi peas or rice crackers). I label them so that everyone can choose their flavors.

This keeps us from buying quite so many packaged snacks, which can get so expensive!