Wednesday, October 7, 2009

New Baby Trees!!!

I'm the proud mama of two new fruit trees!

We had a dead silver maple (I think) that needed to be removed and that opened up some room in our yard.

And I met a cool new friend who grows fruit trees for fun (How awesome is that?!?!) He hooked me up with an Apricot and a Pear tree! Both are very winter hearty and happy living in Minnesota.
The pear tree is a Comptesse Clara Frijs Pear originally from Denmark in the 19th century. I must admit I chose this one largely based on the name. She just sounds so regal!

The apricot is a Chinese Sweet Pit Apricot. You can eat the pits!

I'm super excited to get these planted and watch them grow up. Maybe in a couple years I'll be canning apricot and pear jam from my backyard!


Anonymous said...

I'm super excited to hear more about them when they start producing! That is terrific, and I totally would have picked the same pear variety because of the name :)

The Voracious Vegan said...

I would so love to have some fruit trees! You are so lucky, enjoy them!

Stephanie said...

exciting! We took down two jack pine trees this year and my plan is to put in a couple of fruit trees next spring. I'm hoping for a cherry tree.

Flora Donaldson said...

Where did you buy your Chinese sweet pit apricot tree? I guess it doesn't really matter where, if it's a reputable nursery.

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