Sunday, October 9, 2011

Saving Seeds

I don't usually save seeds from my garden, except for coriander, dillseed and other herbs/seed spices that I like to eat. But this year, my laziness in not harvesting the last round of green beans paid off: I have plenty of seeds for next year's garden. See, folks. Procrastination does pay off.

So I'll tuck these away until April or May, when I'll hopefully remember that I don't need to buy any!


Yoakumputer said...

how did they get that way (ready for storage)? did you dry the pods? off or on the plants? if so, for how long?


Liz said...

I just left them on the plants until they were dried, Yoakumputer. But you could also harvest them and then hang them to dry. I think that as long as the pods are crispy and the insides feel like dried beans, they should be good...but I'm a beginner at this!

celyn said...

Oh cool! I saved seeds from a tomato that had a horn on it. I want to see if I can encourage additional horny tomatoes!