Friday, October 14, 2011

Chef Salad

I feel really lucky to have gotten one of the last salad mixes offered by Dehn's Garden Herbs at the Minneapolis Farmer's Market this season.  This is no ordinary salad mix.  It has herbs, flowers and the most beautiful baby greens I've ever seen.  And the best part?  It says fresh for well over a week!  I can eat a salad out of this container every day for a week and still not have any slimy lettuce bits to pick through. Bonnie Dehn says this is because the lettuce is so fresh- usually picked within hours of me buying it.  This impresses me. 

It does make me sad, though, that the lettuce comes in a big, plastic clamshell container [Update: I got word that these are bio-plastic containers that will compost away.  Hooray!  Now to get my compost bin hot enough to handle it...].  Maybe that's part of the magic of how it says fresh?  Here's how I make myself feel less guilty:

I've started using the containers for 1-2 days to pack a giant salad for my lunch.  This one is packed with grilled seitan, Honeycrisp apple chunks, roasted sunflower seeds and a lemony-olive oil vinaigrette. I looked forward to this salad ALL DAY!  It reminds me of those gross cafeteria chef salads that have tons of toppings and are whole meals in themselves.  Except way healthier.  And way tastier. 


Frugal Vegan Mom said...

That is absolutely my favorite thing to get at the farmers market too!! I don't even buy greens in bulk at eastside anymore due to the "slimy bits after a day" issue...

Minneapolis Farmers Market said...

Be happy, Liz! Dehns uses only a biodegradable corn-based plastic. So it's all good. When you're done with the container, you can put it in your compost pile.

Courtney said...

I love Dehns salad mix/greens too! The edible flowers are so fun :-)
I got a HUGE haul this morning from the farmers market. I love it!