Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Emotional Spin Cycle

I shouldn't be so emotionally attached to my home appliances, but I am.  I shouldn't have cried when Mike called to tell me that the 70-year-old delivery guy wouldn't even try to drag my dream washing machine down the 1/2 inch-too-narrow basement stairs, but I did.

My favorite, super-huge 5.0 cubic feet washing machine (Maytag Bravos) was just too big. I researched washing machines for a full week and decided specifically on this model.  Then it was a week before it could be delivered.  I even read the manual online before the delivery date.  I was so sad.

But I love my new only-25"-wide-and-fits-down-the-basement-stairs washer.  It's supposed to be super energy and water-efficient and the guy at Warner's Stellian says that stuff made in New Zealand is made to last 20 years.  We'll see about that.  I hope he's right.

It's a high efficiency top-loader and doesn't have the center agitator, so it's really big inside.  It's made by Fisher & Paykel (I hadn't heard of them either).  I tackled all this laundry in only 5, maybe 6 loads:

The picture doesn't really do this pile justice.  This is 3 weeks of laundry for my family of four people, two cats and one dog.  It was a mountain. None of us had clean underwear and we were using hand towels as wash rags.  Thank goodness the washer came on Monday!

  I've been really excited to do laundry this week.  Absence makes the heart grow fonder...

PS- I can still use my homemade laundry soap in this machine because its low-sudsing!


Julie Warner @warnersstellian said...


I feel like we should start paying you by the word! ;)

But seriously, I used to have the Fisher & Paykel (rhymes with Michael) top loader in my old house -- it's amazing.

Next up: new stove?

Kris said...

I can second a glowing review for Warners Stellian. It's where I bought a new stove and fridge a month or so ago.

Julie Warner @warnersstellian said...

Excellent, Kris!

Tell your friends. Actually, tell strangers, too.

p.s. I want your beer fridge.

Anonymous said...

OMG--I cannot even begin to tell you how jealous I am! It is my dream one day to have my own washer and dryer in my apt/house that I can use any time I want to and that I can leave a load in for longer than 2 seconds before someone throws it on the floor and that I don't have pay to use each and every time...sigh. One day, hopefully, lol! Enjoy your beautiful new washer :-)


Liz said...

Ha! I am half expecting my stove to die soon. Hey, Julie: If ya'll send me a stove, I promise to blog about it!