Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Tortilla Fiesta!

Last night we had an all-out taco fest!  

I had soaked some pinto beans overnight and used the pressure cooker to make some quick "refried" beans (really just cooked, seasoned and mashed).  Then I pulled down one of my jars of garden tomato salsa, mashed up some guacamole, washed some lettuce, opened a container of Tofutti sour cream and sliced some olives.

What's missing?
Tortillas!!! That's the most exciting part!
I treated myself to a nice double-burner cast iron griddle this holiday season (it is the season of giving...) and Mike got me a traditional corn tortilla press.  

I'm practically a tortilla factory now, I can make them so fast!  This dinner came together surprisingly quickly and the kids declared it the best thing they'd ever ate!  I can't wait to try pancakes on this giant griddle- I might actually finish making the pancakes in time to sit down and eat mine with the family now.

Here's the tortilla press in all its glory- The plastic wrap is a necessary evil to remove the tortillas and transfer them to the skillet. Someday I'll make a video.

And here are the tortillas cooking away!  The texture is SOOOO much better now that I can press the tortillas evenly and thin enough.  Before I was using my cast iron skillet to smash the dough into tortillas...but I also needed my cast iron skillet to cook the tortillas.  So it never really worked out very gracefully.

Now I'm thinking enchiladas, arepas and pupusas are in my future on this griddle!


aimee said...

There are few things I love more than watching Rick Bayless make tortillas in his press! It makes me crave a press even though I can't have corn and never make tortillas! Enjoy your new kitchen toys!

Ashlie said...

I want video! Love the new griddle. I might have to get me one of those.

jessy said...

hooray for your double-burner cast iron griddle and the corn tortilla press! wahooo for the tortilla fiesta! i may have to look in to getting a press myself. yay!

Trinity (of haiku tofu) said...

Your homemade tortillas look great! I made some blue corn tortillas at home once, but they came out pretty thick and chunky. Perhaps there is a secret to flat tortillas that I haven't been motivated enough to google yet?

Seitahn said...

I LOVE the tortilla press! I wonder if they are available here in Australia?