Saturday, January 30, 2010

Best Biscuit Ever

Good biscuits are one of the really important things in life.  This morning I was reading in bed when I was overcome with the immediate need for a flaky, hot biscuit and hot coffee.  I don't usually drink coffee and when I do, it's decaf.  So I think this craving has something to do with the mystery series I've been reading lately, rather than a need for caffeine.

The series is by Joanne Fluke and it's about a fictional Minnesotan woman named Hannah Swenson who owns a bakery and solves murder mysteries in her spare time.  And she loves her cat Moishe more than anything.  I love these books!  They're like the Nancy Drew series- a bit repetitive and very tame- but you can't stop reading them.

Anyways, the books include recipes for baked goods and the characters are always swilling piping hot coffee- Hence, my craving.  I'm highly suggestible.

I always use the Baking Powder Biscuit recipe from Vegan with a Vengeance because they rise better than any other recipe I've used (rising and layer-formation are key indicators of biscuit quality, in my opinion).  Maybe the stars were aligned right or maybe it's the new canister of baking power I cracked open...But I think I baked the perfect biscuit today.

I should have measured, but I'm estimating that this one rose about 3 inches!

There was already a fair amount of Earth Balance in this biscuit, but I smeared some more in the center and then globbed on some of Morgen's Zestar Apple Jelly she canned last year.  I was saving it for a special occasion and this biscuit seemed pretty darn special.


Catherine said...


When's breakfast tomorrow?

jessy said...

those are some serious biscuits you've got there, Liz - they look outstanding! i am imagining them now smothered in apple jelly. mmmmmmm! the murder she baked series sounds really neat - i might have to see if my library has some of them. thanks!

Anonymous said...

Your biscuits are very pretty. I made that recipe for the first time last weekend and was hooked. Best biscuit recipe ever.

Stephanie said...

Gonna have to give that recipe a try - those are TALL bisquits!