Monday, January 4, 2010

Goals for 2010

It's time for some resolutions already.  It's not like me to be late and I'd hate to start this year off on the wrong foot.
Here's what I have so far:

1.  Continue with the 2009 sock drawer resolution.  This is the only resolution I've ever kept 100% of the year.  I will continue to not put any unmated socks in my sock drawer- It's strictly for paired socks!  Oddly enough, this comforts me every time I get out a pair of socks.  No more hunting!

2.  Enter something in the 2010 State Fair Canning Competition.  I meant to do this last year and just didn't follow through.  I have no good reason for not trying.

3.  Cook something at least once per week from a cookbook that I already own.  You'd think that this would be an easy one, but I have a hard time following a recipe as written.  When my friend Brandon made 3 awesome dishes I've never tried from a cookbook I've owned for about 6 years, something clicked.  I need to be using these books!

4.  Save more money!  You all know I try really hard to stick to a budget, but what do I do with the money I save?  I use it to buy things I don't need or things that are fancier than I need.  Instead, I've started off this year by doubling the meager amount of money I put in savings every month (And it's directly deposited so I won't be tempted to skip a transfer or anything like that).

5.  Spend more time playing with the kids.  In just a few years they'll be waaayyyy too cool to hang out with me.  I'd better get in all the games and fun I can before they're teenagers.

6.  Either do yoga or use the elliptical machine every day.  It's harder to be active this time of year when there's no gardening to do! But there's no excuse not to go into the basement and watch TV while on the elliptical machine.  Except that it's cold.  And there are spiders down there.  But, really, I need to do this.

That's all for now, folks!  Hopefully I can stick with these!


selina said...

i love the sock drawer resolution. it's brilliant!

jessy said...

you've got some great goals for 2010, Liz! i especially love that you want to enter something awesome in the state fair canning competition, and that you want to workout with the elliptical or do some yoga every day. awesomesauce! that's too funny on the sock drawer resolution - when i thought about it, i do the same thing. yay!

Ashlie said...

The sock drawer is great. John already instituted that one when he was the laundry person and it's so nice. We have a shoebox that the singles go into and sometimes we find their mates!

I suggest the cherry-vanilla jam for the state fair. It's just amazing.