Sunday, June 7, 2009

Pass the cheese, please

Sometimes a gal just needs a cheese plate.  A vegan cheese plate, that is.

I'm pretty smitten with Dr Cow tree nut cheese.  It's tangy and creamy and delightful.  And it's hand-crafted from REAL food and isn't colored bright orange.  It's everything I love about cheese [without all the cows constantly kept pregnant and infected udders and such].  Hooray!
This is the aged cashew cheese with organic grapes and Back to Nature harvest whole wheat crackers (like Triscuits).  

There's something about a cheese platter that makes me feel like I'm at a party or a spa.  Not that I've really ever even been to a spa...  But I assume there would be cheese platters there.  I even got out my little party knives that have little poinsettias on them and settled in with my tea and a sudoku puzzle for my party of one.  I felt pretty pampered this morning.

Now I've got my bread rising and I'm wondering what I should make with all this rhubarb I've got out in the garden.  Rhubarb lemonade?  Rhubarb jelly?  Rhubarb cake?  


Anonymous said...

Where do you find the Dr Cow cheese? Does your co-op carry it?! I would love to try it!

PS I say go for a rhubarb cake with this cool dreary weather we are the rhubarb lemonade for when it warms back up (hopefully soon!)!

herbivore said...

I am wondering the same thing as Courtney. Did you find it around here? Or did you use the internet?

I would have to agree with the rhubarb cake. My favorite is rhubarb coffee cake. MMM.

Liz said...

Sadly, I did not get it at the Co-op. I got it off the internets. Perhaps we can start a petition to get MM to carry it?

If you promise to buy some, I'll beg our buyers to consider it!

Some blogger just made a rockin' good looking rhubarb cake who was it? I'm totally blanking!

Catherine said...

Um hello, strawberry-rhubarb pie? (P.S. your comment on my blog made me laugh out loud!)

Sarah Elise said...

Rhubarb lemonade! I love your "healthy" triscuit type crackers. Very decadent indeed.

allularpunk said...

my mom always used to make rhubarb pie!

and isn't that dr. cow cheese amazing? it's funny, jessy over at happyveganface enjoyed a cheese n cracker plate with it this weekend as well :)

aTxVegn said...

I would love to find some Dr. Cow cheese; it sounds delicious.

Rhubarb cake sounds yummy.

hibou said...

I've only just discovered your blog, and already I'm hooked! I can't wait to try that cheese either.